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This is a set of 56 cards that represent the values most widely held by individuals, teams and organisations. They can be used in a variety of settings or contexts to help people get clear on what really matters to them. When individuals, couples or team members uncover what their most important values are, they can more reliably plan and make changes in their lives, relationships or workplaces to better reflect what they believe is good, right and important. Aligning our lives with our values helps us make important decisions and feel and act grounded and focused. It inevitably leads to more happiness, achievement and contentment.
The Values Cards is the latest high quality publication from Qcards due for release in 2014. The cards are still in the pre-production phase, but why wait? You can make your own set/s using the Values Cards Downloads NOW. Anyone who purchases the downloads and then buys a set of The Values Cards directly from Qcards will have their full download cost refunded as a discount on the cards. For more information Go to The Values Cards Downloads.

The Bear Cards®

Being able to recognise, accept and express feelings in a healthy way is a valuable life skill and is crucial to emotional development and well-being. However, talking about feelings is not always easy.
The Bear Cards are a set of feeling cards with games and activities that provide a safe and fun way to explore and engage in conversations about feelings. The Bear Cards are used around the world by thousands of therapists, teachers and parents.
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The Bear Cards® – Feelings
The Bear Cards
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The Bear Cards ® Feelings Sticker Book
All the Bear cards characters as colourful shape cut stickers in a handy little book containing 240 stickers.
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