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Comments from teachers:

  • I really enjoyed the resources…

    Kelly says..

    I really enjoyed the resources you could download from the website.

  • I have made a lot of activity sheets…

    Margaret McAulay, Nurture Teacher says..

    I have made a lot of activity sheets using the bear cards downloads. The downloads were excellent and I have used them for this term’s work on emotional literacy with my nurture class. I wish I would have had them last year. Some of the bears have been given names and the children enjoy role play games with the cards.
    Some more group pictures of the bears in different situations would be good as it is difficult to make scenarios in print, like the picnic picture. The children rate the level of i.e. “pleasant” or “unpleasant” feelings on a scale of 1-5 and are now able to rate their own feelings. I do not use good or bad terms because I believe that even being angry about something, which is unjust, can cause us to react in order to bring about positive change. The children have written speech bubbles alongside the bears to illustrate their feelings or to solve conflicts. I have a wall display and many other teachers have asked about them and I have directed them towards your web site.

  • I am just writing to say thank you…

    Kylie Mitchell says..

    I am just writing to say thank you for so promptly sending out my Bear Cards! I received them today, the very next after I had placed my order, and was so impressed with your service. (Qcards note: usually allow 2-3 days for delivery!)
    When they arrived I was sitting in my lounge room with my friend. We have both just finished our four year Bachelor of Education degree, and were talking about the relief of handing in our final assignment last week. When your package arrived, I literally bounced to the letter-box and ripped the package open! We spread the cards across my lounge room floor and picked cards which represented how we have been feeling in the last weeks of university, and how we feel now! I can tell you from first-hand experience that the cards are very therapeutic and opened up a very deep discussion.
    I have just got my first job as a grade 1/2 teacher and have an orientation day next week. I am going to use the cards, by asking the children to choose a bear which represents their feelings around the transition to a new grade and a new teacher. I have already downloaded your resources, and I am going to ask my students to create an art work using a bear which represents their feelings about next year to take home. When they return to school next year the bears will be a familiar ritual and I will use the bears again to talk about how their feelings about the new school year have or haven’t changed.

  • I have only recently purchased…

    Mrs S A Pierozynski says..

    I have only recently purchased the Bear cards. They came highly recommended by a personal, social and health education consultant and so I treated myself to a set to use with my class of 5 and 6 years olds.

  • Comments from therapists:

  • I have found The Bear Cards very useful in my work…

    Sharlene Bevington says..

    I have found the bear cards very useful in my work after purchasing them several months ago. They are cheaper than other ‘feelings cards’. They have great, clear pictures and there are plenty in the pack. I find them useful with most children and many adults as well. I work as a counsellor (social worker) and I also work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have used them with children with ASD and found them a terrific resource. Can’t wait to hear if you produce any further cards for sale through your company.

  • Thank you for the fast shipping…

    Marlyn Torres says..

    Thank you for the fast shipping of the Q cards. So far I am falling more in love with these cards they are easy to use with children and with adults too. I look forward to using them more.

  • This is our first time purchasing…

    Helen, Mission Australia says..

    This is our first time purchasing these cards. Our family workers have heard wonderful reports of using these Bear Cards hence our first purchase.

  • I have used your bear cards with…

    Merrilyn Hughes says..

    I have used your bear cards with several of my young clients. I am a counsellor who deals with children and teenagers. I also had some fun with a group of young teens in a workshop with the masks. I find they are easy to use and children relate to the concept of bears with feelings very well. I think they are a great tool.

  • I love them! I used them with…

    Leanne says..

    I love them! I used them with a girl who was school refusing to attempt to ascertain what was stopping her…it turns out it wasn’t the ‘whole’ of school just the friends! They were great as she wasn’t talking. Love them!

  • Comments from parents:

  • My daughter and I shared…

    A Melbourne mother says..

    My daughter and I shared an emotional moment with The Bear Cards, when she revealed a deep sadness about her recently separated grandfather and his wife.
    Something had been bothering her for several weeks and had intensified in recent days. I was fairly sure I knew it was the break-up but it was important to me that she actually vocalised her grief out in the open.
    I tried my usual soft coercion to try and get her to tell me why she was down. She came back to me quite firmly that it was her problem to deal with and she would not tell me what it was that was making her sad.
    After half an hour or so, I asked her if perhaps The Bear Cards might be able to help. I got her to shuffle through the cards and pick ones which best described how she felt. Though it broke my heart to see six cards of crying, angry and withdrawn bears, I remained calm and together we looked at them all.
    I asked her some simple questions about each bear. Why does he feel this way? Is that how you feel? I don’t think that feels very nice does it?
    We compared the sad bears to the happy yellow ones. We talked about how it would be nice to be a yellow bear and that if she was able to talk about her sadness that it would help her.
    Although she still didn’t want to tell me, when I suggested that perhaps I knew, she was open to me identifying her concern. I took a punt and asked her if she was sad about my dad. She nodded and immediately broke into a big cry.
    This was good. I wanted her to let out her feelings and through using The Bear Cards we were able to share something that she felt she could not tell me on her own. I also knew that if I had flat out asked her before using the cards she might have closed up.
    A couple of hours later, she came running up to me with a giant smile and said, “Mummy, I am like a yellow bear now.” I quietly acknowledged her realisation and let her feel that she had done her own healing.

    I really feel that in using The Bear Cards, she was able to grieve and move on a little bit in this process. It was also comforting for me to know how she felt and help her to express this. She tends to be the kind of kid who holds things inside so I am happy that we have this option to work through things together.

  • I am a doula and…

    Heidy says..

    I am a doula and had initially bought the cards for my studies and to become a Child Birth Educator…..as they do normally live on my desk…but quite often I have seen the bears having a holiday in my twin girls (7) bedroom! They are part of their puppet shows, rainbow plays, nature tables (colour coordinated!) and ride as passengers in trains and cars….very nice to hear all the conversations with them. I also use them for when the girls are upset about something and find it difficult to say anything about how they feel or what has happened. We go through the pack and they pick a few at first, afterwards they narrow it down to one or two and meanwhile they explain how and what happened. Quite fabulous actually those cards…seem to use them more at home than for work 🙂

Comments from Amazon buyers:
> Very good service, excellent product – E Atack.
> The cards arrived promptly. The children at school love using them and readily talk about their feelings when using them. An invaluable resource. – S Wilson.
> These are brilliant. A must for every school. They have really helped our children verbalise their emotions. I cannot recommend these cards enough! – J Sawtell.
> Cards arrived sooner than I’d hoped for a group I’m running and was much cheaper than every other site or catalogue. Brilliant! – J Diedrick-Edwards.
> Fantastic resource. Great resource to use with children, they can give their own interpretation of the emotions. First time I used them a child talked about emotions other than just happy and sad. – Caz
> Grrreat! A picture paints a 1000 words. If you have clicked on this item because you need a tool to help someone understand feelings / emotions – get this set of cards. Quality is of an excellent standard, you will not regret it. Have fun with them too. – Eme
> Great for working with kids!! I didn’t think that these cards would be so amazing, but they are. Kids love them and they really help them to explore their feelings. I am a child therapist and I have used these cards with every child since they arrived. Great for any arts therapists working with children or adults. – Jojo
> The cards have been most helpful when working with young children and they can easily identify and connect with the many different expressions on the bears. – Simon