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Introducing our first product…. The Bear Cards

Being able to recognise, accept and express feelings in a healthy way is a valuable life skill and is crucial to emotional development and well being. Talking about feelings is not always easy. The Bear Cards games and activities provide a safe and fun way to explore and engage in conversations about feelings.

The Bear Cards is a set of endearing bear characters that will enchant and inspire you with their open and honest portrayal of a wide range of feelings.

The set includes:

48 laminated cards with rounded corners

24 page full colour booklet

Sticker sheet with a special passkey for free downloads

Sturdy 2 piece laminated box


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Welcome to Qcards

Qcards is a new Publisher aiming to provide the best card sets available for promoting social and emotional health and well being. Our cards are designed to be used by anyone from kids and families to therapists, group leaders or teachers.
Each card set comes with a 24 page booklet full of fun games and activities and more can be found on this site. In fact, we encourage you to submit and share any great ideas you may have for using the cards. If we publish your idea on this site, we’ll send you a free set of cards!

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