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(24 x A4 pages as pdf files 4.3MB) AU$9.95

So, what are The Values Cards?
This is a set of 53 carefully researched words that represent the values most widely held by individuals, teams and organisations. They can be used in a variety of settings or contexts to help people get clear on what really matters to them. In this respect they are potentially agents of change. When individuals, couples or team members uncover what their most important values are, they can more reliably plan and make changes in their lives, relationships or workplaces to better reflect what they believe is good, right and important. Aligning our lives with our values helps us make important decisions and feel and act grounded and focused. It inevitably leads to more happiness, achievement and contentment.
For detailed information on how The Values Cards can help you, your clients, classroom, workplace or team: Click Here to read the instruction booklet.
The Values Cards Downloads
The Values Cards Downloads includes:
– The Values Cards (5 x A4 pages) x 2*
Full set of 56 cards (65 x 65mm), including three blank cards, on five sheets, ready to print and cut out. *Both colour and black & white sets included. For durability, print onto heavy paper or laminate.
– The Values Cards Instruction Book (10 x A4 pages)
All you need to know to get started using the cards in a variety of settings.
– All Values on Single Sheet (1 x A4 page)
Great for larger groups or for recording choices.
– Values Sorting Sheet (1 x A4 page)
All the values listed on a single sheet with columns for detailed sorting. The most economical way to achieve detailed sorting in a large group.
– Values Scoring Sheet (1 x A4 page)
For the Organisational Values activity and the School Values, this sheet lists all 56 values with a scoring and notes column.
– Values/Impacts Sheet (1 x A4 page)
For the Teacher Values activity, and with the potential for use in other settings, this sheet lists all 56 values alongside an ‘impacts’ column to write in.

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